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  • Internet access is provided for legal purposes only. Users accessing, displaying, or downloading illegal text or graphics, or performing other illegal actions as identified in Florida Statutes: Chapter 847 and the United States Code: Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 110, may lead to criminal prosecution.
  • Users must comply with the United States Copyright Law when printing materials found on the internet.
  • Internet workstations will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Time limitations may be imposed if others are waiting to use the workstations.
  • The primary purpose of our Internet Service is to perform library-related research. Access to online communications, such as: email, newsgroups, bulletin boards, and chat groups are also available.
  • If a URL is blocked by the Library’s filter, a patron may request the site be released. Library staff will review the site and release the site if it falls within the guidelines of the Collection Development policy. Additional consideration may be sought from the Nassau County Public Library Advisory Board.
  • The Nassau County Public Library System’s Patron Code of Conduct applies to persons using the internet workstations. If a library user violates the Patron Code of Conduct while using the internet, the library staff may end the internet session.
  • Misuse of a computer will result in the loss of computer privileges, possible loss of library privileges, and possible prosecution. Such misuse includes, but is not limited to
    • Using the computer for illegal activities;
    • Hacking into the library computer system or any other system;
    • Damaging or attempting to damage computer equipment or software;
    • Interfering with systems operations, integrity, or security;
    • Gaining unauthorized access to another person’s files;
    • Sending harassing messages to other computer users;
    • Altering or attempting to alter the Library’s computer’s settings
    • Violating copyright laws and software licensing agreements.
  • Library staff will assist patrons with basic start-up procedures. For further assistance, patrons may be referred to books, online tutorials, local classes, and other available community resources.
  • Library staff members are happy to assist students in identifying appropriate sites.
  • Library staff recommends that parents surf the internet with their children.
  • Minors must have the approval of their parent or guardian in order to use internet workstations. Minors may not disclose, use, or disseminate personal information on the internet.
  • Parental or guardian permission of internet use is granted by checking the appropriate box on a minor’s application for a library card.
Nassau County Public Library System