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This year, 2020, will be an exciting year for the Nassau County Public Library! At the top of the list is a new location for the Yulee Branch Library! The Yulee Branch is now located within the College (FSCJ) Library. The new location will be in Room B110; it is just on the opposite side of the computer lab.

Both the College Library (FSCJ) and the Public Library (NCPLS) are looking for ways to grow. The College would like to provide their various information services from one location. The Public Library continues in its mission to provide residents with access to content, through print resources, digital resources and through unique educational programming. Both libraries will continue to be partners on special projects.
The new space, at 1631 sq. ft., is more than twice the size of our current space allocation. This additional space will allow our Yulee Branch Library to grow: the collection will increase approximately 25%, add seating for both adults and children, add a young adult section and the ability to hold adult programs within the Yulee Branch space.

Most import will be the change in hours. This autonomous space will allow the Yulee Branch Library to maintain its own hours. The schedule will mirror that of our other public library branches. The Yulee Branch Library will be open 40 hours per week; that will include at least one night per week. Please take our brief survey and let us know what hours you would like the Yulee Branch Library to be open.

New overhead signage directing people to the two libraries will be placed.

Stay tuned! More exciting library news will come throughout the year.

New year! New Yulee Branch Library!

New for 2020! Coming soon the Yulee Branch Library will have a separate space at the Nassau Center of FSCJ!  Come see both of our libraries grow!

Results from the survey will be posted soon!