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Checking Out and Reserving Materials

Checking Out Materials:

  • Videos and DVDs are checked out for one week, a limit of five per card.
    All other materials are checked out for two weeks.
  • There is a limit of 25 items per card, providing there are no fines on the borrowers card at the time of check out.
  • Materials may be renewed for three times, providing that no other person is waiting for the material. Renewals may be done over the phone, in person, or online through the automated catalog.
  • To borrow library materials you will need to present your library card. If you do not have your library card with you at the time of check out, you will be asked to show appropriate identification before a staff member checks out materials to you. If this happens on more than one occasion, you will be asked if you have lost your card and we will issue you a new card for the replacement charge of $2.

Reserving Materials:

Materials may be placed on reserve as the material is ordered. A reserved item will be held for you for seven days, after which time the item will be placed back on the shelf or given to the next person on the reserve list whichever is the case.

Patrons requesting materials not already purchased may request these materials from interlibrary loan. A patron may also recommend the library purchase an item by using the library’s request for materials form.

Fines and Fees

Per Day Fines

  • $0.20 per day each for all items overdue that circulate for two weeks
  • $1 per day for all items overdue that circulate for one week
  • $1 per day will be charged for each interlibrary loan (ILL) item overdue
  • $1 per day will be charged for each piece of equipment overdue

Maximum Fines

  • Maximum fine for all print materials is the replacement cost of the item.
  • Maximum fine for all video tapes and DVDs is $25 if the item is returned without damage within three months. After three months the fine for the item is the replacement cost of the video tape or DVD.
  • There is no maximum fine for ILL materials.
  • There is no maximum fine for equipment.

Additional Fees

There is a $2 charge for the replacement of lost library cards. When a patron owes fines or fees, their borrowing privileges will be restricted until account is cleared.

Internet Policy

Internet Access

As a part of its information services, the Nassau County Public Library System provides access to the internet at all of its branches. The internet provides our patrons with a wealth of informational resources that supplement and enhance the System’s collection. This policy reflects the mission of the System, which is to utilize resources that meet the informational needs of the residents of Nassau County.

The Nassau County Public Library System does not monitor and has no control over the information accessed through the internet, and therefore is not responsible for the internet’s content. The internet is an unregulated, global medium that provides access to current local, national, and international information. As an unregulated entity, the internet may also contain some information that is erroneous, biased, or controversial. Parents or legal guardians of minor children (under the age of 18) have the responsibility of supervising their child’s use of the internet.

Recommended sites for research are bookmarked on the library’s computers. These sites have been selected by the library staff, following the guidelines as outlined in the Collection Development policy.

User Responsibilities

View information on the Responsibilities of Users.

Library Card


Nassau County has five library branches: Fernandina Beach, Yulee, Callahan, Hilliard, and Bryceville.  There are also automated book lockers and book drops at the Fernandina Beach Library and the James Pages Building. You may use your library card to checkout or return materials at any of these locations.

For questions about your library card, call (904) 530 – 6500.


To obtain a library card without charge you must be a permanent resident of the state of Florida. You are also eligible for a card if you own property or a business in Nassau County. Proof of residence, or property ownership, is required at the time of application.

Proof of Residency:

The most common proof or residency accepted is either a current Florida Drivers License or voter’s identification card. Other acceptable forms of identification include:

  • Current rent receipt
  • Checks with imprinted address
  • Personal piece of mail with current postmark

Lost or Stolen Cards:

Lost or stolen cards should be reported to the library immediately for your own protection. A fee of $2 is charged for a replacement card. Each library card has a unique number. If a new card is issued, the old card number becomes invalid.

Lost & Damaged Materials

Replacement Values:

Full replacement value will be charged on all lost or damaged materials. Full replacement value is determined in the following manner:

  • We first check the original purchase price of item, located on the MARC record. If no price is given on the record, then: The current price as found on Amazon.com if the material is still in print.
  • If the material is no longer available in print, then the following scale will apply.
    • $6 for all paperback materials
    • $17 for all children’s hardcover materials
    • $25 for all videos and books on tape
    • $25 for adult fiction hardcover books
    • $40 for adult hardcover non-fiction books
    • $60 for all books on CD and Playaways
    • Replacement cost for each magazine issue is $5 per issue.
    • Replacement cost for each video, audio or DVD case, or audio album is $6
    • Charge for removing the pink band on ILL materials is $2
    • Missing or damaged barcodes and mylar is $2
    • Missing battery is $1
    • There is no refund for a lost item that has already been paid for.

Items Available For Purchase:

The following items may be purchased for convenience:

  • Battery (for Playaway) – $1
  • Lanyards – $1
  • Ear buds – $1.50
  • Audio cable – $6
  • Car adapter – $26

Meeting Room Policy

Policy Statement

The Nassau County Public Library System provides the use of library meeting space for library-related, cultural, civic, educational, and business purposes. Due to limited space available at each facility, the library system reserves the right for library-related and library-sponsored programs to take precedence when reserving meeting room space. The use of a library’s meeting room by a group does not indicate an endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs by the Nassau County Public Library System. Questions concerning the following policies should be directed to the librarian at your local branch.

Application Procedures

  1. Written application must be submitted In advance for approval. Request an application form from a library staff member. Tentative bookings may be made by telephone, but a written and signed application is required for confirmation.
  2. Requests for meeting room facilities should be made to the librarian at your local library branch.
  3. Groups requesting meeting facilities for a series of meetings must submit a list of specific dates along with their application. Meeting space may be reserved for one meeting per month, for the entire year.
  4. Meetings beyond one per month will be scheduled on a month-to-month basis.
  5. Meeting areas may be utilized during regular library operating hours; and after hours at the Fernandina Beach and Hilliard Branch libraries. Meetings should end 10 minutes before closing time to ensure proper closing procedures by the staff.
  6. Kitchen facilities are not available at Hbrary facilities. Light refreshments only may be made available during a meeting. All persons for groups using the Meeting Room areas are held responsible for leaving the areas in a clean and orderly manner.
  7. All libraries in the system adhere to a no-smoking policy.

Group Qualifications

  1. Meetings of a cultural, civic or education nature may be held free of charge, and must present
    their 501 c (3) determination letter at the time of booking their meeting.
  2. Individuals may use the meeting space for a half day at $50 or a full day at $100.
  3. Businesses may use the meeting space for a half day at $100 or a full day at $200.
  4. All Individuals and groups that use the meeting space must abide by the library’s Code of Conduct.
  5. Groups or Individuals solicited by the library to present programs may sell books and other materials related to their program. The presenter will be responsible for the handling of the product: set up of display, necessary change and exchange of money,
  6. Youth groups requesting the use of meeting facilities must make arrangements through an adult advisor, who will also be responsible for the group and be present during each of the group’s meetings.
  7. Study groups, with adult supervision, are permitted to use the meeting facilities upon • availability but must fill out a written application.
  8. Cancellations: Please inform the library branch where reservations were made of any cancellation dates. Your prompt response enables others to use the facilities.


Publicity is the responsibility of the group using the meeting area. Please indicate that the group is sponsoring the meeting and not the library. As space permits, an announcement of the event can be posted In the library. Please check with the library before sending out any public notices of your meeting.

Non-Resident Borrowing

If you are not a resident of the state of Florida you may obtain a borrowers card by paying a yearly fee of $40. This card may be used by the entire family, and may also be paid up to one year in advance to allow for continuous usage.

Children 17 and under who attend school in Nassau County, but who do not live in Nassau County, may be issued a card without fee for one year at a time. Proof of school enrollment will be required at time of application.

Patron Code of Conduct Policy

The Nassau County Public Library System strives to maintain all of its facilities in a peaceful, comfortable, and safe manner. Library patrons are encouraged to use the facilities for studying, browsing, working, and attending library-sponsored programs. In order to implement this policy, the following Library Code of Patron Conduct has been adopted.

  • All library patrons will always conduct themselves in a manner which does not interfere with others, and is in keeping with library services and programs.
  • No loud, boisterous, abusive, harassing, or unsafe behavior will be tolerated.
  • No smoking, use of tobacco, eating, or drinking is permitted in library buildings.
  • No animals are permitted in the library except guide dogs.
  • No soliciting, campaigning, gambling, or proselytizing.
  • No destruction of library property will be tolerated.
  • No use of library telephones. Emergencies should be brought to the attention of the staff who may give permission for the call to be made. Pay phones are available at most facilities.
  • Bags, packages, cases and backpacks of all kinds brought into the library are subject to inspection upon leaving.
  • The Library is NOT responsible for loss or damage of personal belongings.

Disruptive Patrons

Disruptive library patrons or those who violate the Library Code of Conduct, regardless of age, shall be warned twice to cease the inappropriate behavior. At the third warning those who have violated the policy will be asked to leave the library facility.


  1. Children is defined as any minor under the age of 18 (FS 1.01)
  2. Parents or Guardians, not library staff, are responsible for the behavior, safety, and well being of children using the library or left on library property.
  3. Children ages 10 and under must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or caregiver at all times.
  4. Parents, guardians, and caregivers are encouraged to attend all children’s programs with their child.
  5. Children of any age should never be left at the library for babysitting purposes.

Closing Time

At closing time, for unaccompanied children ages 14 and under, an attempt will be made by library staff to contact the child’s home by phone. If no one is available to pick up the child within a reasonable time (no longer than 15 minutes after closing), staff will notify the local law enforcement agency and will remain on-site with the child until law enforcement assumes responsibility.

Nassau County Public Library System