Nassau County Public Library System – Annual Plan of Service, FY 23

This is the first year of the NCPL Strategic Plan 2023-25. Library staff will focus on implementing selected initial action items linked to priorities with in each of the four goal areas.

Goal 1: Early Literacy and Lifelong Learning

Library staff offer a variety of programs and services to meet patrons educational and informational needs; inclusive of all age groups.


  • 1.1 County Library Branches will increase program attendance by 2% annually.
  • Activity 1.1.a Story Time programs will be offered weekly; FB, CAL & YUL Branches.
  • Activity 1.1.b Afterschool activity programs will be offered weekly; FB, HLD & BRY Branches.
  • Activity 1.2. a Adult programs will be presented monthly at each branch.
  • Activity 1.3 a Informal technology training will be offered monthly; FB, CAL & YUL.
  • Activity 1.4.a Library staff will prepare/present technology offerings monthly.
  • Activity 1.5.a Library staff will partner with community groups to present unique and
    educational programming; Friends of the Library, Amelia Island Book Festival, etc.
  • Activity 1.6. a Library staff will partner with other county offices to present unique,
    informational and educational programming; Animal Services, Extension Office, Parks &
    Recreation, etc.

Success Indicators: Library staff will collect attendance and feedback as indicators of success.

Goal 2: Collections and Resources

Nassau County residents have access to both print and digital collections. Updated technology
is provided for residents to reach current and historical information.


  • 2.1 Maintain physical materials that are up-to-date, timely and in good condition.
    • Activity 2.1.a Branch Librarians will weed 2.5% of existing collections; focus ing on removal of
      worn and invalid materials.
    • Activity 2.1.b Branch Librarians will increase non-fiction collections by 3%, focusing on materials that are current, timely, and reflect diverse authors.
    • Activity 2.1.c Branch Librarians will increase fiction collections by 6%; titles will include diverse author and inclusive stories.

Success Indicators: Library staff will collect data on material purchases, circulation of materials, and feed-back from residents.

  • 2.2 Maintain digital collections, that residents can access during and after regular library hours.
    • Activity 2.2.a Expand digital titles by 10%.

Success Indicators: Library staff will collate purchase information for digital collections.

  • 2.3 Create displays of materials at all branches to promote new and existing collections, and to encourage diversity and inclusiveness. Circulation of materials will increase by 10%.
    • Activity 2.3 .a Library staff will create monthly displays, at each branch location. Displays will
      highlight a variety of nationally recognized themes.

Success Indicators: Library circulation will increase by 10%. Staff will collect usage data and feedback from patrons.

Goal 3: Marketing and Communications

Library staff will use a variety of marketing techniques to promote community awareness and
attendance of library programming, displays and trends.

  • Objectives:
    3.1 Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan that will increase attendance by 10%.
    • Activity 3.1.a Develop a plan that is efficient and effective for promoting programs, resources and displays.
  • 3.2 Improve effectiveness and utilization of social media.
    • Activity 3.2.a Create an Instagram account.
    • Activity 3.2.b Keep Facebook page up to date.
  • 3.3 Collaborate with local agencies to better expose our community to library events.
    • Activity 3.8.a Library staff will work with all Friends groups to cross promote events.
  • 3.4 Increase awareness of library offerings by providing promotional materials.
    • Activity 3.4.a Library staff will provide bookmarks, flyers and other incentives to assist with advertising databases and collection resources.
    • Activity 3.4.b. Library staff will send program and event information to local newspapers, and all of free media outlets.
  • 3.5 Provide a website that is visually appealing and user centric.
    • Activity 3.5a Update Library webpage for easy use.
    • Activity 3.5.b Purchase calendar add for easier access to all Library events and for taking

Success Indicators: Library staff will track usage of social media accounts, send promotional announcements to media outlets and Friends groups. Data will be collected and patron feedback.

Goal 4: Library Facilities

The Library provides facilities and grounds that are conducive to the library mission. Identify
opportunities within the library facilities and grounds, and explore ways to improve existing spaces.


  • 4.1 Maintain exterior of buildings, including landscaping, to enhance aesthetics of library branches.
    • Activity 4.1.a Complete refresh landscaping at HLD Branch Library.
    • Activity 4.2.a Develop user survey for convenient open hours for YUL & CAL Branches.
    • Activity 4.4.a Investigate feasibility of providing larger space for YUL Branch.

For a downloadable copy, please call the library at 904-530-6500.

Nassau County Public Library System