If you use hoopla® through Nassau County Public Library, you may experience a change to service beginning this month (May 2024).

Due to the increasing popularity hoopla, one of the library’s digital audiobook and eBook services, we will be implementing a daily budget cap on hoopla borrows. This cap will ensure continued access to Hoopla for all library patrons.

We know that Hoopla is a popular service with our patrons, who enjoy the ability to check out eBooks, eAudiobooks, eComics, videos, and music. We love offering Hoopla to patrons and will continue doing so. To make this service financially sustainable, we’ve had to set up the daily budget cap described above.

How does hoopla work?

In order to fully grasp the reason for the new limits, it’s important to know how Hoopla works. Libraries are charged a fee for each item that patrons check out. Prices vary depending on what type of item is being checked out, but each checkout averages around $3.00 per borrow. Currently, each patron is able to check out six items per month.

Since October 2023, patrons have checked out 9,391 items with Hoopla. This is a 30.9% increase over the same period one year ago. This increasing popularity has been driving up the library’s cost.

Cost Controls

We are thrilled that patrons enjoy Hoopla. At the same time, we must control the library’s costs for a service whose overall expenses is influenced by the cost of each checkout and increasing use by patrons. Consequently, we’re setting a daily cap on our Hoopla service. On any given day, once the library’s cost reaches our predetermined spending limit, patrons will be unable to check out any more Hoopla items until the next day.


We understand that setting up a daily cap may inconvenience some users. However, it is necessary to maintain a sustainable level of usage for our entire library community.

Thank you for your understanding.

Nassau County Public Library System