October 18-24 declared National Friends of Library Week by Mayor Miller

During the October 20, 2020 meeting of the Fernandina Beach City Council, Mayor John Miller proclaimed October 18 to 24, 2020 as National Friends of Libraries Week.
The Friends of the Fernandina Beach Library was established in 1985 and played a significant role in fundraising for the 2015 addition and renovation of the downtown library. The organization raises funds to provide an annual stipend to cover library costs for materials and programs that benefit the community, averaging approximately $30,000 per year.
There are currently 122 community members of the Friends of the Fernandina Beach Library. In 2019, over 160 volunteers gave their time to assist the organization with programming and events for adults and children, art exhibits, and fundraising efforts such as the popular semiannual used book sales and annual storytelling event.
“Libraries have always been an important part of my life,” said FOL president Jody Mackle. “Our organization is made up of a diverse group of talented, creative, and enthusiastic book lovers who work together to keep our library strong. It is a wonderful way to give back to the community.” Other current members of the FOL board are Margaret Bellucci, Chuck Comeau, Terri Dean, Hope Foley, Ann Freeman, Mary Louise Hester, Anne Martin, Virginia Mealing, Christine Meehan, Sara Moerman, Joan Sheppard, Vicki Harnage Whittemore, and Claudia Zane.
“Our library is enriched by the Friends group,” said library director Dawn Bostwick. “I think most patrons would be surprised to learn how many of the services and programs they enjoy are supported by the Friends.”
For further details on the Friends of the Fernandina Beach Library as well as membership information and volunteer opportunities, please visit www.fernandinaFOL.org.